• Fajar Surya Makmur Plastika
  • Fajar Surya Makmur Plastika
  • Fajar Surya Makmur Plastika

Fajar Surya Makmur Plastika

Our Shopify web development service for PT Fajar Surya Makmur Plastika aims to create a professional company profile website that also showcase their products. The service was tailored under our Essentials Shopify Development package to help the company establish a strong online presence.

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PT Fajar Surya Makmur Plastika, established in 2000 in Kapuk Raya, is an Indonesian plastic distributor company that aims to expand and improve its business in the online world. Creating a company profile with a product showcase will help them showcase their offerings to customers and make it easier for sales and workers to display what they have.

• Company Profile website
• UI/UX Design and Layout
• Product Showcase
• Additional Product upload services
• WhatsApp Chat Feature

We work closely with PT Fajar Surya Makmur Plastika to create their company profile using Shopify and combined a store layout that showcases their products in an organized and aesthetically pleasing manner. The layout was designed to reflect the company's branding and style, providing a seamless user experience.

Overall, our Essential Shopify Development service helped PT Fajar Surya Makmur Plastika establish a strong online presence and provide a platform to showcase their company profile and products. Last but not least, we ensure that the website is engaging, informative, and user-friendly, helping the company to attract more customers and generate leads.